Interview with Michelle Pfeiffer: Part 2

BATD ON Sep 08, 2009 AT 2:29 pm

Michelle with Rupert

Michelle with Rupert

Q: How did you feel wearing the amazing costumes of Chéri ?
A: Well, it’s a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they really help you become the character. You can’t help but feel differently in those clothes. On the other hand, it’s restricting and foreign to us. It makes you feel constrained, and between the corsets and the clothing and the wig and the hats – which were the worst part, they weighed a tonne! – it was how do we fit Kathy [Bates] and Michelle in the same frame, with those hats, walking down the tunnel of roses?

Q: How did you find working with Rupert?
A: He’s just a complete joy. I couldn’t think of anyone I’d have rather done this film with. I wasn’t familiar with him before. I saw a test he did for Stephen, some scenes he did on film…and he was amazing.

Michelle in her amazing Cheri costumes

Michelle in her amazing Cheri costumes

Q: What lesson can be learnt from Chéri?
A: I think it’s that you need to let go and move on into the next stage of your life. It doesn’t mean that she’s going to go off and become an old woman, which actually she does in the next book! She does let herself go, but she’s happy in the novel after this. She retires and gains a little weight and lets herself go.

Q: Why did you feel this character was ahead of her time?
A: Well, it was written during a time when women didn’t have independence. And, she was an incredible businesswoman and women didn’t do that. Women didn’t handle their own money. They didn’t own their own real estate. So in those ways, she was very ahead of her time.

Q: Are there still good parts left in Hollywood?
A: I think that there are some good parts. I wish there were more for all of us. But I think all actors wish there were more parts. Now, with reality TV, there aren’t as many television parts, and with the economy, there are fewer films being made. So it’s not just actresses that are feeling it. I know actresses in their thirties who are yelling at their agents that they’re not getting enough good scripts.

Q: Would you consider writing or directing?
A: I’d have to take a writing class. But that would be nice. I’d love to be able to write. I’m just not very good at it. But maybe one day, I’ll direct. Later, later. I paint, which I love, so maybe I’ll paint full time.

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