Is Robert Pattinson Rebounding With Katy Perry?

Mimi ON Sep 10, 2012 AT 10:54 am

Kristen Stewart may have looked drop dead gorgeous this weekend at the premiere of On The Road at the Toronto International Film Festival, but one person that obviously didn’t seem to notice was her ex, Robert Pattinson, who apparently only had eyes for one brunette, namely the also newly single singer Katy Perry.

Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry

The two stars were spotted out with a group of friends celebrating a birthday and a spot of karaoke at Dimples Supper Club in Burbank California.

According to a source in the bar said,

We spied the two A-listers at the bar with a big group celebrating a friends’ birthday, but at certain times in the evening, it appeared Rob and Katy only had eyes for each other. We observed them sitting face-to-face, touching foreheads and acting very flirty with each other. They were both giggling and Katy looked positively giddy.

And it’s not the first time the stars have been spotted getting cosy, the couple are said to have enjoyed a dinner together at Soho House in Los Angeles after Katy split up with John Mayer.

Whilst we’re not sure they make the perfect Hollywood couple, after the year that both stars have had surely they deserve a little rebound fun! And that’s exactly what they seem to be having.


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