Mimi ON Mar 20, 2017 AT 12:28 pm

Spring has officially sprung! Today, the 20th of March, marks the first day of Spring, also known as Spring Equinox. The science behind this day is that the equinox occurs because of Earth’s tilt in relation to the sun (this is what causes the seasons to change). What this simply means for us? Winter is officially over, and you can look forward to longer and brighter days.

London in Spring

London in Spring

Most people associate the Spring season with rebirth and renewal, understandably so, as flowers will begin blossoming again and it’ll finally begin to warm up *fingers crossed*. We’re definitely taking advantage of the day by spending as much time as we can outside. Our suggestions for taking in the new season: walk instead of taking the Tube, spend time in a park, stop and listen to the birds chirp, and ceremoniously pack up the parka for the season!

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