Jackman Get His Groove on for Lipton

BATD ON Mar 18, 2010 AT 1:31 pm

Hugh Jackman - Tokyo Dancing Hotel

Hugh Jackman has been signed to face the drinks brand, Lipton Ice Tea. The global TV campaign sees Jackman go back to his dancing routes in his first ever TV ads, to launch on Monday 22nd March; ‘Tokyo Dancing Hotel’ and ‘Hard Day’s Work’.

‘Tokyo Dancing Hotel’ is very Fat Boy Slim/Christopher Walker-esque and shows Jackman dancing around a Japanese hotel after taking a sip of the beverage.

Jackman said: “What I love about this [TV commercial] is firstly the concept; the idea that dancing is a way of celebrating life and of feeling good.”

Well I can vouch for the feel-good factor, although that may just be because I enjoy watching Hugh in whatever he’s doing, and the choreography is great. Though this is unsurprising as the routines were created by Ashley Wallen and directed by Michael Gracey, of T-Mobile’s ‘Dance’ and Evian’s ‘Roller Babies’ fame, so it would be out of character if the ads weren’t excellent.

They are set to be a real hit and even Hugh seemed to enjoy the change saying: “Normally I’m pulling out my claws and slicing and dicing and here I’m doing my best Justin Timberlake impersonation – it’s great fun”.

Hugh Jackman - Hard Day's Work

We’re glad he enjoyed it as much as we did, Justin would be proud.

Also, here’s a sneaky peak of what to expect in a ‘Hard Day’s Work”… jealous much?

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