Jason Flemying

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Jason Flemyng

While most actors do it, Jason Flemying was the one to admit it… he got into acting to pick up girls. He first tried this scheme in a stage production of the Wizard of Oz, and though it didn’t work he defintiely kept at it.

When he got older, he attended the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, then joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. When it came to movies, he stuck mostly to British film, working on several occasions with Guy Ritchie, and appearing on the television shows Doctor Finlay and Primeval. He also showcased his language skills in several French films.

Shifting to American screens, he landed roles in big budget films From Hell and A League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Though neither of these brought him huge success, he appreciated the experience. He was also in the films Stardust, Ironclad and the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, where he played Brad Pitt’s father.

Currently, Flemying is in the recently released hit Kick Ass, and while his role in that film is small, he actually has two roles in his other project: Clash of the Titans. Here he plays King Acrisius as well as Calibos, the monster who Acrisius turns into.

Clash of the Titans is out now…

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