Jayma Mays

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Jayma Mays

Guiding the students of William McKinley High School is Emma Pillsbury, played by the lovely Jayma Mays. Mays hasn’t always been playing the good girl, however.

Growing up in rural Virginia, Mays was very involved in high school. She combined several different interests, and was a cheerleader as well as a math wiz. Moving on to college at Radford University, she had acting in her mind. She pursued this, and got her first ever television appearance on the show Joey in 2004.

Emma Pillsbury in Glee

Since then, Mays has made many television appearances, including recurring roles on Heroes and Ugly Betty. She has also appeared in a few films, most notably Paul Blart: Mall Cop and Epic Movie. She got her big break playing Emma on Glee, where she already knew one of her co-stars. Matthew Morrison, who plays Will Schuester, and Mays, had become friends filming a movie a few years prior, and both were happy to have each other on set. Mays is also close with Jessalyn Gilsig, who plays Terri, Morrison’s on-screen wife and resident crazy person.

Something that Mays wasn’t too thrilled about was singing for Glee. Though she knew it was a musical show coming into the project, she said that her nerves were getting the best of her they day of her musical number. She would sing again, however, if they asked, and she would love to sing a country song. We can’t wait to see what Glee has in store for Mays!

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