Josh Brolin for WSJ Magazine

Mimi ON Apr 08, 2012 AT 11:12 am

WSJ Magazine Josh Brolin Cover

Renowned fashion photography Terry Rirchardson captures Josh Brolin’s rugged and masculine style for the cover of WSJ Magazine’s April Men’s Style Issue, where the No Country For Old Men and Milk actor admits to being a jeans-and-flannel-shirt kind of guy.

Brolin tells WSJ,

“Thank God I have a wife to help keep me clean,” he says of actress Diane Lane, his wife of seven years. “If it were up to me, I’d probably wear the same thing all week long. And she’ll go, ‘Take that off,’ and then she grabs another shirt and hands me the deodorant.”

All we have to say is that were we Josh Brolin’s wife, we’d simply be saying, “Take that off”. The end.


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