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by Valirie Morgan

Justin Timberlake.

Justin Timberlake.

Just a decade ago, the title “King of Pop” was reserved exclusively for the legendary, and now late, Michael Jackson. These days, though, the tune has changed. Boy band member-turned-solo superstar Justin Timberlake has emerged as the new King of Pop, although we may have to come up with a different title for him out of respect for MJ. In fact, Timberlake and Jackson share a similar rise to fame. Both got their start in groups: MJ in The Jackson Five, and JT as a Mouseketeer on “The Mickey Mouse Club” and also in N*SYNC (the original five-member boy band – sorry, One Direction!). However, Timberlake has been making his own very unique impression on the music world since stepping out on his own. The chart-topping crooner has just come off an extremely successful year, which saw the release of his two-part album “The 20/20 Experience” as well as the continuation of his acting career in films like Inside Llewyn Davis.

Timberlake will be heading over to this side of the pond when “The 20/20 Experience World Tour” sets up shop in London’s O2 Arena on April 1 & 2. Since kicking off the tour in New York back in November, JT has played over 40 shows across North America and they’ve received rave reviews. Londoners can expect a powerhouse, perfectly-orchestrated concert that will leave the audience buzzing for days after the show.

Timberlake on the moving stage during a concert.

Timberlake on the moving stage during a concert.

The 20/20 Experience World Tour is divided into two full-length sets separated by an intermission. The setlist features around 30 (sometimes more!) songs, including hits like “Suit and Tie,” “SexyBack,” “What Goes Around…” and “Mirrors.” Concertgoers truly get a “20/20 Experience” no matter how much they paid for their tickets thanks to the moving stage, which transports Justin and his dancers all over the venue and makes it so that everyone has front-row tickets for a brief moment! The production value of the show has impressed even the most seasoned veterans of big-budget concert tours with its spacey, paneled backdrop, video projections and crazy patterned laser displays, just to name a few features. Plus, Timberlake is backed up by a larger-than-life soul band that adds even more vibrancy to the music and overall performance.

And the spectacle doesn’t stop at Timberlake’s performance – equally impressive as the singer’s pipes and flawless dance moves is his style, and the concert costumes are top notch. JT’s wardrobe was designed entirely by Tom Ford, who created 600 custom pieces for the singer’s onstage use including jackets, bow ties, and a ton of other accessories.

Tickets for the concert dates are on sale here. We absolutely cannot wait for JT’s London takeover in just a couple of weeks. In the meantime, feed your obsession with a list devoted to the über-talented Timberlake; check it out below!

 10 Important Factors In The World’s Obsession With JT

1. His songs are perfect for belting out in the car or even the shower…especially the falsetto parts. And considering the fact that Timberlake has nine Grammy awards in his trophy collection, it would seem that everyone in the music industry agrees!

2. Fedoras can sometimes be creepy, but that is 100 percent NOT the case with Justin Timberlake. JT has breathed new life into the fedora. He has reinvented the fedora and boosted sales worldwide. That’s got to have a good effect on the economy right?

3. He’s always on People Magazine’s “Sexiest Men Alive” list. Just look at him. (See the picture above. And below. In fact, look at ALL the pictures.) And as for the rest of the magazines? If he’s on the cover, sales predictably rocket.

4. There is nothing more heartwarming than his bromance with comedian Jimmy Fallon. And let’s face it, if Jimmy Fallon approves, the whole world nods in agreement. The duo are unstoppable, and together they’ve cranked out some of the most hilarious skits, sketches and viral video clips, like the recent “History of Rap 5″ or my personal favorite, “The Barry Gibb Talk Show.” 

5. He wore this matching denim outfits to the American Music Awards in 2001 with then-girlfriend Britney Spears, and somehow found the courage to go out in public again. That’s romance, that’s confidence, that’s a superstar.

6. The term “triple threat” (acting/singing/dancing) doesn’t even cover all of Justin’s talents. He’s got the acting/singing/dancing part down, but then you’ve got to add in his guitar/piano playing, comedy skills (he’s hosted Saturday Night Live five times!), and probably a billion more hidden talents he’s too humble to share. 

7. He looks so good in a suit and tie that he was forced to write a song about it. 

8. Justin was pals with fellow heartthrob Ryan Gosling back in their “Mickey Mouse Club” days. 

9. Even though the women of the world will be eternally jealous of Jessica Biel because she’s married to our celeb soulmate, Jess-tin (if that isn’t their celebrity couple name, it needs to be…) are a super cute, down-to-earth couple who actually seem fun and normal! 

10. We love him because he is JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE. Even he can’t believe how perfect he is – like in this shot from the “Mirrors” music video. The life of a global superstar, you know?! 

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