Kate Middleton’s Holiday Photos

Mimi ON Nov 22, 2012 AT 12:05 pm

We all love a good ‘show and tell’ after a trip abroad, especially if it’s somewhere more exotic than Marbella. And it seems the same is the case for The Duchess of Cambridge, who, after her trip to Borneo, as part of this year’s Diamond Jubilee Tour of South East Asia has posted her and William’s holiday pics on the Royal Flick’r account.

The royal couple in Borneo

Sadly,  rather than candid shots of the royals amidst the rainforest canopy, Kate’s images simply show off her eye for composition and the breathtaking Borneo landscape.

Photo of Jungle Clearing

Photo of Tall Tree Above Canopy

Photo Of Palm Oil Plantation

Photo of Mount Kinabalu

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