Kate Moss as Morticia Addams

Mimi ON Nov 01, 2012 AT 10:46 am

Considering she dresses up for a living, you’d be forgiven for thinking that another outfit change would be the last thing on Kate Moss’ mind. And yet, the supermodel just loves fancy dress. Whether for Halloween or a birthday, over the years she has sported reincarnations of the Bride of Frankenstein, been layered in lace and sported Bowie-style lightning bolts. But this year, along with husband Jamie Hince and daughter Lila Grace, is one of Kate’s best yet.

Kate Moss, Jamie Hince and Lila Grace as The Addams Family

On their way to one of Jonathan Ross’ renowned Halloween parties, Kate and co were snapped dressed up as the Addams family. And they didn’t half rock it.   Dressed in a skintight black shimmering maxi dress, pointed court shoes, a long fur-lined shearling coat and clutching a toffee apple Kate looked gorgeously gothic. Her face was painted white, lips lacquered blood red and she was fluttering the most fabulous faux lashes we’ve seen in quite some time. A jet black wig with tumbling curls finished the look. Oh and not that you can miss them, but check out those cheekbones!

Kate Moss as Morticia Addams


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