King of the Park!

Mimi ON Jun 29, 2011 AT 1:01 pm

King of the Park

King of the Park

As summer is in full swing, spending my time outdoors is definitely up there on my wishlist as I’m sitting in the office typing away. If, like me, you’re a bit of a thrill-seeker, then this outside time may well be best spent swanning around your nearest or favourite theme park with a gaggle of your favourite, fun girl friends…

Seriously, one of the best days out I’ve had was on an impromptu trip to Disneyland (yes, I realise I’m maybe a little old) with a few of my BFFs! It’s a great way to do something different and out of town and a fab idea if you fancy getting your heart rate up a bit… although I’m not sure one of my friends would agree as she forgot to tell us that not only was she scared of big rides but also had a phobia of people dressed up as cartoon characters. Let’s just say her first encounter with Mickey Mouse didn’t go well!

All this said, I must admit that jetting off to Paris (or Florida!) to go and see Mickey and his friends might be a little tough for most people, so I’m liking the sound of the new King of the Park game on Fanta’s Facebook page… You can play against your friends in classic fairground games, have a chat and be in with a chance to win some fab prizes for a summer of fun! Which, when you consider our temperamental weather, might actually be a better alternative to getting soaked whilst your queuing for Space Mountain.

See what all the fuss is about below:


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