Kristen Wiig

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Kristen Wigg

Hollywood loves a funny girl, especially when they are as funny as Kristen Wiig!

This Saturday Night Live (SNL) regular has been all over the big screens recently with How to Train Your Dragon, Date Night and Whip It, and we are loving every second of it.

Shortly after college, Wiig joined the comedy troupe The Groundlings, and had low profile gigs until her big break came during the 2005 season of SNL. Perfecting her recurring characters such as Gilly, Penelope and the Target Lady, Wiig has won the hearts of viewers world wide and is now taking her comedy prowess to the big screen.

With a few supporting roles under her belt, including parts in Knocked Up, Walk Hard and Adventureland, she has got an impressive number of projects in the works even as we speak. Besides the three soon-to-be-released films listed earlier, she is set to be a part of the animated film Despicable Me, the SNL-based comedy MacGruber and the FOX animated serried The Monkey Factory. She is also involved in the films All Good Things, Ass Backwards and Paul, all of which feature all-star casts. Talk about busy!

In How to Train Your Dragon, Wiig is the voice of rambunctious twin Ruffnut, and in Whip It she is a rough-and-tumble roller derby girl. Though her role in Date Night isn’t as physical, we’re sure she’ll be great all the same.

How to Train Your Dragon  and Whip It are out now and Date Night is out on April 21st.

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