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Mimi ON Aug 12, 2010 AT 9:50 am

Ines and her Husband

Ines and her Husband


Who’s your favorite actor or actress and why?

Charlize Theron. I appreciate all the struggles she had in her life in South Africa and the trauma she suffered in her family. As a result she’s strong, self assured, picks good roles and not afraid to speak out on issues close to her heart.

How do you chill?

On my bed with a great book, good music and my adorable fat orange kitty putting uncomfortable pressure on my spleen.
What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Go thru my dreams, extract the message hidden in the symbolism, then I pull out the ear plugs, remove the unattractive face mask, then try to figure out what day it is.
What’s on your iPod?

All kinds of fabulousness!! Everything from Bossa Nova and old school Ella Fitzgerald to Jamiroquai and Lenny Kravitz. 

What’s your favourite item of clothing?

SHOES! I’m the Danish Emelda Marcos. I must have at least 80 pairs of stilettos.
What’s your favourite meal and drink?

LOVE Pinot Grigio and a nice plate of fettuchine alfredo with chicken and sundried tomatoes. Mmmmm. 

Real Housewives of Europe

Real Housewives of Europe

What’s your one beauty/grooming secret?

I’m obsessed with my hair, I get it professionally straightened (Coppola method) so at least it’s not a frizzy mess and sometimes I add extensions and pretend I was born with them!
What would you change in the World if you could?

The notion that we are all so different and divided especially when it comes to religion. I feel that most religions have the same fundamental message which is to respect each other and seek enlightenment thru introspection and self discipline.
What’s a beauty must for women?

Under-eye concealer! It’s the basic tool to look rested and younger. 
What’s a grooming must for men?

Manskaping! If you’re a hairy beast get a ‘Man-Groomer’ and be done with it!
What’s a Beauty NO for women?

Too much botox. It makes a woman look like an alien from the galaxy  ‘Plastica’ far, far away and much older than she really is. A little bit is enough to make you look refreshed and younger.
What’s a Grooming NO for men?

Everything from corn rows to too much cologne.

How do you stay looking good?

Sunscreen, love and laughter.

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