Lady Gaga Shaves Her Head

Mimi ON Sep 12, 2012 AT 4:37 pm

Lady Gaga’s New Shaved Do

Lady Gaga has today posted pictures of her shocking new hair-do on Twitter. Whilst it may look as though she has jumped on the trending partially-shaved-head bandwagon, that’s simply not Gaga’s style. She’s definitely not a follower in anything that she does. Rather, the triangular shaped shaving is in tribute to fashion photographer Terry Richardson‘s late mother who passed away on Tuesday.

Accompanying the Twitpics Gag left the message “I did it for u Terry. I’m sorry about ure mommy. She has princess die, but were all princess high”. “Princess D.I.E” is a reference to one of the new songs she’s been playing on her Born This Way Ball, a tribute to Princess Diana.

Lady Gaga & Terry Richardson

Gaga and Terry have been friends for quite some time and worked closely together in 2011 on their collaborative coffee-table book, LADY GAGA x TERRY RICHARDSONwhich featured numerous candid shots of Lady Gaga.

Annie Lomax in True Terry Richardson Style

Terry Richardson the famed and ever controversial photographer that he is, posted multiple pictures of his mother Annie Lomax in the ICU up to her death. He also posted a few other past pictures of his mother that show the close relationship and good memories the two shared.

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