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Mimi ON Jul 31, 2012 AT 11:52 am


Ryan Lochte in a recent shoot with Vogue

While Ryan Lochte’s mom may have gone on the record, disputing any rumors of the swimmer having or looking for a girlfriend, we aren’t totally convinced. A supposed “underwater hand touch” with Aussie swimmer, Blair Evans, has sparked quite the scandal. The two were seen heading back to Olympic Park together post-practice and, well, we’ve all heard the backstory on Olympic Park.

In a recent interview, when asked what Lochte liked his women in he admitted to finding white jeans second-sexiest behind one of his own long-sleeved button-down shirts. . . and that’s all. He also believes men’s fashion to be important, as “it’s how your personality comes out”, hence his effort to not dress like everyone else.

Rest assured Ryan Lochte, we already know you are one of a kind.



Michel Morganella, Hope Solo Lolo Jones

Social media feuding has been rife at the Olympic games, aside from the heavily covered Tom Daley story, there has been a number of tasteless tweets from within the Olympic camp as well.

Swiss soccer player, Michel Morganella, has been sent home following a discriminatory tweet directed at the South Korean men’s team to whom they’d lost to on Sunday. The tweet suggested the Koreans should burn themselves, among other things. The Swiss defender’s twitter account was immediately deleted and he has since been removed from the squad.

Greek triple jumper Voula Papachristou was dropped from the Greek Olympic team after her attempted joke regarding Africans in Greece, and thus will not be competing in the games.

US hurdler Lolo Jones was criticized for her remark pertaining to the US mens archery team, saying “USA Men’s Archery lost the gold medal to Italy but that’s ok, we are Americans… When’s da Gun shooting competition”? The twitter community found Jones’ post insensitive in light of recent events.

Fellow¬†American, Hope Solo, also drew some attention after going after a NBC analyst, and former member of the US women’s soccer team, Brandi Chastain. Solo wasn’t penalized but is still under scrutiny

Here’s a little word to the wise- be wary of your tweeting, athletes!



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