Leighton Meester

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Leighton Meester

Head Gossip Girl Blair Waldorf is making the Audrey Hepburn look fashionable again, one episode at a time, but actress Leighton Meester hasn’t always been the picture of class.

Unlike her alter-ago Blair, Meester didn’t grow up on the Upper East Side. Quite the contrary, in fact, she was born while her mother was serving a prison sentence for drug smuggling. Despite this, Meester maintains that her parents are “good people” and that she had a completely normal childhood. She grew up in Florida, New York and California, and was involved with theatre and modelling at a young age.

She got her pro acting career started in episodes of several shows including Law and Order, 7th Heaven, 24, Surface and Entourage. She also got her film debut in the movie Hangman’s Curse, which was based on a teen mystery novel.

Though she has been involved in so many shows, she is most well known for her flawless portrayal of Queen Bee Blair Waldorf. This, of course, isn’t a role she takes lightly. In fact, the natural blonde even goes brunette each season to better connect with her character. The classy makeover that Meester undergoes every episode is worth it, as she has earned critical acclaim for her role, including a Teen Choice Award for Choice Television Actress in a Drama.

While she’s not acting, Meester has turned to music. She released her first album last year and was also featured on the hugely successful single from Cobra Starship, ‘Good Girls Go Bad’. She must be pretty busy trying to bolster her young film and music careers, while she also has to juggle that pesky thing called Gossip Girl. Not to mention her real-life relationship with Sebastian Stan, who plays Carter Baizen. Looks like those two are getting pretty serious!

Speaking of a young film career, Meester has a small part in the upcoming comedy Date Night, and is also starring in next year’s The Oranges, with Adam Brody, Hugh Laurie, Katherin Keener and Alia Shawkat.

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