Leonardo DiCaprio To Play Rasputin

BATD ON Jun 11, 2013 AT 11:18 am

Good old DiCaprio gets all the great biopics doesn’t he? From Frank Abagnale Jr. in Catch Me If You Can to Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, and now the Hollywood lead is set to play the infamous confidante to the Romanov Russian royal family, Rasputin in the latest screenplay by Jason Hall, picked up Studio Warner Brothers.

Leonardo DiCaprio as Rasputin

As a figure who has divided historians the Rasputin biopic is expected to be a big-hitter in the cinemas. It was Rasputin’s role to take care of the Russian heir to the throne, Alexei, but considered a charlatan and womaniser and holding an ‘unhealthy’ position of power in the court of tsar Nicholas II, he was murdered in 1916, having been shot, poisoned and then drowned.

According to Deadline, upon being presented with the scrip, DiCaprio particularly liked the elements that centred around Rasputin’s life as a twin whose brother had died early in life, thus leaving him missing the better part of himself.


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