Lohan Confirmed to play Elizabeth Taylor

Mimi ON Apr 26, 2012 AT 4:56 pm

It’s been confirmed that troubled actress Lindsay Lohan will play Elizabeth Taylor in Lifetime’s Liz & Dick, a tv film about the superstar’s relationship with Richard Burton, the husband she married twice.

Executive Producer Larry Thompson has an enormous amount of confidence in his decision but he also has a Plan B, telling E! News that Lohan “may be the most insured actress that ever walked on a soundstage.” Though his decision to cast her may be a controversial one, and Thomson candidly admits that at a later date he might regret his decision, he is quite pleased with the risk he is taking.

There are some stark similarities between the two women, both attended the Betty Ford Center, have had issues with hittin’ the bottle too hard, and have had tumultuous romances play out in the public eye. As for appearance, Lohan will obviously have to undergo a transformation. Though it seems she is up to the task, her new Twitter picture is of her looking a lot like the glamorous Liz.

Lindsay Lohan as Taylor

This seems a great opportunity for Linds to get back into the acting thing. There were glimpses of her ability in cult classic Mean Girls and The Parent Trap. It has also also been revealed that she will be guest starring in Glee later this season, the show she notoriously scolded for making fun of her. With appearances on SNL earlier this year, and dying her hair back to its original red (its more strawberry blonde at the moment), Linds looks like she wants to slowly get back to where she used to be.

Do you think Lindsay can pull off the beautiful Liz, or do you think this opportunity will be turned into a disaster?

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