London From The Rooftops Exhibition

Mimi ON Jul 30, 2012 AT 10:53 am

James Burns

Forgive us for being super patriotic, but boy do we love London. We might continually complain about the tubes, and the weather, and the slow-walking tourists whilst we’re hot-footing it to work, but if ever there was a time to love the city we live in. It’s now.

Perfectly timed for this London-love-in is North-London photographer, James Burns’ first exhibition, London From The Rooftops. Having spent the last 10 years documenting London’s continually-changing skyline from various rooftops of the Olympic city, the Getty Images contributor is now showing his awe-inspiring and simply stunning panoramics, just in time for London’s proudest moment.

James Burns: London From The Rooftops exhibition will run from 1st August until the 22nd August at the Print Space Gallery,  Hackney. Admission is free. 

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