Looking for Eric

BATD ON May 01, 2009 AT 12:08 pm

Looking for Eric

Looking for Eric

Eric Cantona plays Eric the postman, whose life is slipping through his own fingers…

His chaotic family, his wild stepsons, and the cement mixer in the front garden don’t help, but it is Eric’s own secret that drives him to the brink.  Can he face Lily, the woman he once loved?  Despite outrageous efforts and misplaced goodwill from his football fan mates, Eric continues to sink.

In desperate times it takes a spliff and a special friend to challenge Eric to journey into the most perilous territory of all – the past. As a certain Frenchman says, “He who is afraid to throw the dice, will never throw a six.”

The UK premiere Looking for Eric takes place in Manchester on June 1st  and is released in cinemas June 12.

Click here to watch the trailer now…

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