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BATD ON Apr 24, 2009 AT 4:21 pm

Modern Gentleman Masterclasses

Modern Gentleman Masterclasses

So your Prince Charming turned out to be a little less charming and suave than you had hoped? Not to worry. Every bloke needs a little push when it comes to gentlemanly style and sophistication. To give your man inspiration, and to avoid a blow to his ego, the creators of Smirnoff Black have devised The Modern Gentleman Masterclasses at Sketch on 28th April and 19th May.

Industry experts will be on hand to advise your fashionably challenged man friend on what’s hot and what’s not. We know this can be a tiring business so while he gets suited and booted you can take a break. How about sipping on a cool Smirnoff Black cocktail mixed by none other than Smirnoff ambassador himself Tristan Stephenson?  Top-class barbers from Sharps London will also be on hand to tame his mane and any unwanted facial fluff.  We also suggest you book him in for a consultation with stylists from A Suit That Fits, James Bond will have nothing on him by the end of the session.

Two gentlemen will peruse the Glade Room, accompanied by fashionable assistants, with a pack of cards asking no-nonsense pieces of information, from how to properly sport a tuxedo to delivering a solid handshake. Book appropriately in advance. Call 07951 483589 to make arrangements for your man. Let’s face it, when it comes to being cultured in high society, you can never have too much of a good thing.

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