Meet Charlie Siem

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Charlie Siem

Charlie Siem

I never thought I’d fancy a violinist more than a rock star.  I had always dreamed of accompanying my rock star boyfriend on tour, singing all the words to his songs and staying up all night. But when I saw 23-year old violinist Charlie Siem that fantasy faded.  His dashing looks, talent and charm practically stole the stage he shared with Bryan Adams on the Peace One Day concert at the Royal Albert Hall last year. 

Trust me, the violin has never been sexier.

The two musicians met during a shoot for L’uomo Vogue, the Italian men’s version of Vogue, where Bryan photographed Charlie. Bryan is quite the accomplished photographer and has captured the likes of Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Elle MacPherson and Cindy Crawford to name a few. (Look for the photos in the March issue)
Charlie played his violin during the photo shoot, and at one point Bryan asked to join in with his guitar. The two hit it off and Bryan invited Charlie to play with him during the Peace One Day concert.

Before he agreed to participate in the concert, Charlie debated how he could perform in a contemporary setting without diminishing his role as a classical musician. Besides the fact that it would be wicked to perform with Bryan Adams, Charlie realised he was reliving a similar situation to Paganini, the 19th century revolutionary violinist. Paganini gained rock star status (I’m not joking!) from his reinterpretation of popular songs. He performed them on his violin to packed audiences complete with swooning female fans.

Charlie Siem

Charlie Siem

With only a few days to compose his variation to Bryan Adam’s 1985 hit song “Heaven,” Charlie didn’t have the time to be as creative as he would have liked, but says his composition did uphold his musical integrity in celebrating the art of classical music.

“It was totally different for me because I usually play music that has already been written,” Charlie told Beauty & the Dirt. “Where as this I had written myself a part and it was quite a creative thing to engage with contemporary music and give it a violin playing stance as well. It was very different from what I usually do but I’m kind of excited about that sort of thing. ”

Backstage at the star-studded concert, Charlie mingled with guests like Lenny Kravitz, Elle MacPherson, Emilia Fox and Jude Law. John Legend and Annie Lennox also performed.  I doubt Charlie would have ever imagined he would brush shoulders backstage at a concert with rock stars and supermodels when he picked up the violin at age four. But one look at his impressive past and it’s clear that his career is off to a stellar start. He has appeared with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra and in venues like Carnegie Hall and the grand Bolshoi Theatre.

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