Men, What Do They Know

Mimi ON Nov 18, 2008 AT 6:46 pm

Men, what do they know? Well, quite a lot according to our new resident male of the species, Iain Laurie. This week he ponders the hit US show Lipstick Jungle. Over to you, Iain.

In the gossip this week we’ve learnt that Jennifer Aniston and Johnny Depp are both being paid enormous sums to appear in sequels of previously successful films. This seems senseless to me. Everyone knows sequels are guff and I’d be amazed if these two films buck the trend. In some cases actors and directors should be fined for their ‘efforts’ rather than rewarded.

Does this happen to the rest of us? Do we earn more for flimsy follow-ups? It’s like doing a paper-round satisfactorily one day, then the next delivering the wrong subscriptions, chucking half of them in the canal and stealing the copies of Razzle before getting paid twice as much for doing so.  Certainly, one person earning more for a flimsy follow-up is Candace Bushnell. ‘Lipstick Jungle’, (Living, 10pm, Mondays) based on her book of the same name is the palest of imitations of the massive ‘Sex and the City.’          

Despite being male I enjoyed SATC. Like ladies magazines, it is something that men have a glimpse at when no one’s looking. It also serves as a tactical trump card for the shrewd male – many of us place a token protest when their girlfriends put on SATC before conceding defeat and watching happily (despite mockery of the reality of it, and further protests every 15 minutes or so). Then when there is sport on the telly we call up the times we’ve sat through the lady programmes and use our banked TV tolerance points. That SATC was more that bearable made it a rare and valuable commodity. It also frequently offered pointless nudity which kept us watching. Above this though, the characters and storylines were strong and the insights into modern life were sharp and witty.

However, these qualities seem to have been deemed unnecessary by Ms Bushnell for Lipstick Jungle. Instead, she just places three supposedly strong, beautiful, successful women in upmarket New York and invites them to moan to each other about their pitiful lives, before at the end of the episode, reminding themselves of how strong, beautiful and successful they are. There is no attempt at making the characters likeable or interesting, instead taking a brave chance that we’ll all rather enjoy watching rich grumble-mongers whimper their way through the day.  

Anyhow I’m sure Candace Bushnell got paid a good deal more money for the rights to Lipstick Jungle than she did Sex and the City. Further proof that these days the flimsy follow-up rewards better than the original item. That being the case, please don’t expect too much from my next column.

Lipstick Jungle Cast

Lipstick Jungle Cast

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