Miami Beach Art Basel Roundup

Mimi ON Dec 10, 2012 AT 12:58 pm

Art Exhibition At Art Basel Miami Beach

Yesterday, Art Basel Miami wrapped-up after four days of art extravagance. Essentially it is the United States’ version of the contempory-arts trade fair that has been held since in Basel, Switzerland since 1970. This year’s Art Basel featured an exclusive selection of more than 250 leading art galleries from USA, Canada, Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia, exhibiting 20th and 21st century artworks by more than 2,000 artists.

This giant exhibition of the world’s best contemporary art and talent draws in an international circus of high-powered art dealers, collectors, curators, critics and art lovers, who come to view not only the exceptional pieces by renowned artists, but also those of emerging artists, public art projects, performances, video and sound art.

Sagamore Hotel

However, Art Basel isn’t only a place to see and buy art, it’s also one of the biggest events of the year to be seen at and pick up some great freebies. Art brunches and dinners abounded this year, including that of Cricket and Martin Taplin, who welcomed an estimated 2,000 guests for an annual art brunch at their art hotel, the Sagamore, on Saturday.

Cricket Taplin showed off her enviable art collection in the hotel, including five Helen Levitt photographs from the 1930s, a video installation, “Lux Matter,” by Beatriz Millar, which shows a sensual depiction of bread making, and a 2008 work entitled “Sargassa” by artist Michele Oka Doner, who was on hand for the brunch. Also on temporary loan were four works by Emil Lukas who also attended the artistic brunching.

Daphne Guinness & Karolina Kurkova

Another noteworthy event of Art Basel 2012, was an intimate dinner that included such A-list guests as the iconic Daphne Guinness and supermodel Karolina Kurkova.

Both women are renowned for beauty and style, but have very different takes on the two. In a sea of blazers, sequins and Daphne Guinness turned heads wearing an outfit that was very much her own style: a feathered train, witchy striped tights, and loads of edgy bling. All topped off with an immaculate hairdo befitting the style mavin. Admittedly Guinness said, “I have no idea what I’m wearing. I know this is an old Gaultier piece from the ’80s. I think. But I just threw it all together. I’m not really good with stylists. I think people should just be themselves.”

Similarly, supermodel Karolina Kurkova takes an equally relaxed attitude toward fashion but with simpler taste. Admitting that her who form-fitting Alaïa wasn’t fresh off the runway she said, “I like recyclable fashion. As a working mom, that’s what I look at when I buy clothes. I want to be able to wear it day and night and be comfortable, but I still want to look good. I love fashion that you never get tired of.”  We quite like the advice and attitude both of these fashionistas take toward their wardrobes!

Güiro Bar

This year’s Miami Beach Art Basel had no shortage of interesting events and hang-outs, including an immersive art experience at a temporary bar, set in an outdoor egg-shaped wooden pavilion entitled, “Güiro,” constructed by the Cuban art collective Los Carpinteros (Marco Castillo and Dagoberto Rodríguez).Sponsored by Absolut Vodka, Güiro — which translates as “gourd” in English — resembled a space ship from another galaxy when illuminated on the beachfront at night.

The collective’s other works on display at the main fair also gathered just as much attention. As a whole this year’s Art Basel had a fantastic turn out and even better sales. According to Janine Cirincione, the director of the Sean Kelly gallery, by Sunday every piece of the gallery’s work had been sold. In fact, “Kosmaj Toy,” a playful large red sculpture of Lego bricks at the gallery, sold within 10 minutes of the fair’s opening.

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