Michelle Obama Joins Instagram

BATD ON Jun 27, 2013 AT 11:50 am

Admittedly, we shouldn’t be nearly as excited by this news as we are, but it seems that First Lady, Michelle Obama (although late to the party) has finally acquired an Instagram account.



At the moment the “news” broke, Michelle had a meagre following of just 69, which has, at the latest count racked up to 3,751 – and counting.

Whilst the First Lady follows just one other Instagram user the also newly opened @whitehouse account and has yet to post any of her own photographs, we’re going to be swiping at our iPhone screens like mad men in the hope that a selfie of Michelle and her fabulous headline-making bangs pops up in our feed.

Sadly, we can’t quite see this happening, despite just how fashion-forward Mrs Obama has proved to be over the last two terms of Barack’s presidency, and yet, the First Lady may surprise us yet. . . there’s only one way to find out so follow The First Lady Michelle Obama @michelleobama 



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