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Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake in In Time

Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake in In Time

If you liked Logan’s Run and Bonnie & Clyde, our guest film contributor Alan Greenhalgh says you’ll love one of our films this week. Plus, we’ve got another film we’re dying to see from the reviews.

In Time

In a future where time is literally money and aging stops at 25, the only way to stay alive is to earn, steal or inherit more time. A thriller needs a ticking clock and this film is a time bomb of action, romance and a serious political message.

Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, is the ‘devil-may-care street-punk anti-hero’ who lives minute-to-minute, until he gains access to the world of the wealthy where he meets and kidnaps heiress Sylvia Wies, played beautifully by Amanda Seyfried (check out our exclusive interview here), and tries to destroy the system.

There are 13 zeros on everybody’s arm – the countdown clock to death. You have to earn time anyway you can – the residents of time-poor Dayton have an average per capita timeclock of just 23 hours and those in upmarket New Greenwich have 347 years. Making time is a matter of life or death.

Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser plays Sylvia’s incalculably rich father, Philippe, who is controlling killer inflation until Will and Sylvia target his time lending stores. It’s a great ensemble cast and acting honours also go to Cillian Murphy’s Time Keeper, Raymond Leon, on the runaway couple’s case throughout the film, but unsatisfactorily we never quite know why he references Will’s father. Olivia Wilde is fantastic as Wills mother, Rachel – it’s her 50th birthday and she can’t afford to waste a minute waiting for the bus. The UK’s Alex Pettyfer is a menacingly sexy, handsome Fortis, the gang boss of the time thieving Minute Men.  Up-and-coming actor Matt Bomer is the dapper Henry Hamilton who gives the game away of the haves and have-nots.



On the downside the movie didn’t need all that running, we could have done with less themes and more powerful examination of them and much as we love Johnny Galecki as Leonard in The Big Bang Theory the role of Will’s best friend Borel could have been timed out.

For Alan’s full review visit www.shinesquad.wordpress.com

Watch the trailer HERE!


We’ve only heard good things about this new film and we can wait to see it this weekend.

After a drunken house party on a Friday night Russell (Tom Cullen) heads to a gay bar alone to find a hook up. Just before the bar closes he meets Glen (Chris New) but after what was supposed to be a one-night-stand the guys find out that they actually have a strong connection. Over a weekend they keep the relationship going on in bedrooms, bars, taking drugs, having sex and slowly getting to know each other.

The synopsis doesn’t do this film justice, check out the trailer below:


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