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BATD ON Apr 23, 2010 AT 11:04 am

Date Night

After a long week at work, choosing a film is the last thing you want to be doing, hence I’ve done it for you. Keep on reading to find out my pick of the flicks this week.

Date Night:

Phil and Claire Foster (Steve Carell and Tina Fey) are a run-of-the-mill couple trying to spice up their marriage and their once a week boring date night with a sophisticated evening out on the town. They drive into Manhattan to dine at a fancy restaurant, where they claim the reservation of a no-show couple – the Tripplehorns. Being mistaken for the Tripplehorns, who are actually two people trying to blackmail a prominent gangster, the Fosters are chased across town as they try to get to the real Tripplehorns before the gangsters get to them.

This film is a must see! Steve and Tina are very, very funny and it’s always nice to know that a lot of the script was actually ad-lib. Plus you get to see Mark Wahlberg without his top on so in my opinion, everyone’s a winner!

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The Joneses

The Jonses:

Kate and Steve (Demi Moore and David Duchovy) are the perfect married couple. They have two gorgeous teenage kids, a new mansion in a upper-class gated community and a happy relationship.

They are constantly wearing designer labels and driving the fastest cars. Their kids instantly become the most popular kids in school and the whole neighbourhood envies their family’s life.

The only problem is they aren’t actually married and those aren’t actually their kids!

This film, although it looks like it has a comedy/chick flick-esque storyline, is actually a very interesting and unique insight into consumerism today. Prepare to re-evaluate your attitude towards society and buying the latest fad after you watch this. You may also want to make a mental note that you will probably not look like Demi Moore at her age.

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