Mimi meets Norman Jay at the Silent Disco

Mimi ON Dec 03, 2008 AT 12:07 pm

Just this month Norman Jay got the Carnaby Street crowd dancing in the rain and they didn’t want him to stop. I was there with my headphones on, enjoying the party atmosphere with hundreds of shoppers last night; it was the best event I’ve been to for ages. We all agreed that it should be a regular event, Norman absolutely loved it – he told me that, “stimulating the crowd was a fantastic feeling, I loved seeing such a good vibe on the streets of London, what a night!”
What music did you grow up listening to, and did anyone stand out to you?
Motown, Jazz, Blues, I listened to everything, I loved Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder
What song always gets a party started right?
Runaway: Nuyorican Soul or Got to be real: Cheryl Lynn always get people in the right mood.
What artists do you like now that are in the charts?
Leona Lewis, Lemar and Amy Winehouse.
Do you like what Mark Ronson is doing musically?
Yes, I think he’s good, but my sons can do what he does. These days to make it big in the music business you’ve got to able to play, produce, write and mix. It’s such a different business.
What is your fave Amy track?
Valerie  – but I play prefer the re-mix I play right now.
What song is going to set the mood for a bit of romance?
100 ways by Quincy Jones from the album The Dude – without a doubt, it’s a fabulous track.
Where do you like to go out to for a night out?
Most of the time if I’m out I’m working but I always find an after hours bar or a party to chill out or get lively at – depending on my mood. I don’t really go to bars, I like going out to eat, Carluccio’s and Fish are my favourite places to eat.
Where do you like to shop?
I’m an old school Mod, so I love Fred Perry, Adidas and Puma, – in fact Carnaby Street is my one-stop shop to stock up on everything, I love it.

Jeans: Vintage Levi’s red tab, I used to go to San Francisco for my jeans and records
I still love Vivienne Westwood and vintage clothing stores – in Camden, I miss the market at High Street Kensington.
Trainers: Puma and Addidas
Who are your style icons?
Sydney Poitier & Audrey Hepburn
I also love Michael Caine, he looks great in those old movies filmed in London in the 60’s.
What about Christmas parties, how do you cope?
Christmas parties are the time for playing a bit more cheese, but I figure it’s just for a month so I go with it and play the classics that I’m a bit tired of but I know will get all the departments in a company hitting the dance floor. Billie Jean is definitely up there!
So I asked Norman what he would play if he was your DJ for your office party…
Get downloading and programme your ipod for Norman Jay’s Top 10 Essential Party Tunes

Respect – Aretha Franklin
Destination Unknown
Anything by Utah Jazz
Superstition – Stevie Wonder
Bugz in the Attic – Happy Dayz
Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime
Lovely Day – Bill Withers
Soul II Soul – Keep on Movin’
Good Times  – Chic

Norman Jay

Norman Jay

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