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BATD ON Dec 09, 2009 AT 2:44 pm

America Ferrera

America Ferrera

The star dishes more of the dirt on Betty’s fashion sense as well as her loyal fans.

What difference will we see in Betty’s outfits?
Patricia Field [Ugly Betty's original costume designer] looked at the character and said, “Betty has been working at Mode for two years, so she needs to grow.” It’s still Betty and she’s going to be bright and fun to look at – but if she wears Prada, she is going to wear Prada in her own way. It’s not going to be a black Prada skirt; it’s going to be a pink, floral print Prada skirt. Betty is growing in her look, in her image and on the inside as well. She is never going to grow into a version of someone working at Mode magazine like you might expect her to. She is always going to be Betty.

Ugly Betty Season 3

Ugly Betty Season 3

Does anything else change in Betty’s world?
Betty’s outlook on fashion changes this season. I have been talking to the writers about it for a while because I always thought, ‘If Betty ever had a connection to fashion, what would it be?’ Betty’s talent is connecting to people. She understands the value of people and that’s how she connects with them – and no matter how crazy fashion gets, it only means something if it finds a way to connect. Fashion is art. Why does someone sit down and draw a painting? Why does someone sit down and write a book? Why does someone sit down and think up beautiful clothing? It’s coming from a place of human connection and that finally clicked for Betty.

Do you get many fan letters from teenage girls who watch the show?
From the very beginning, I have always received a lot of letters from people who relate to Betty – especially teenagers. They tell me that they’re really glad that Betty is an image on television. I also get a lot of letters from mothers of teenage girls saying, “I’m so glad that this strong, smart, intelligent female figure is on television for my daughter to watch.” I think girls really enjoy watching something to mix up the image of what a girl should look like. Not that everyone should be like Betty or everyone shouldn’t be like Betty, but she widens the landscape of images for young women on television.

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