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BATD ON Dec 09, 2009 AT 2:32 pm

America Ferrera

America Ferrera

America Ferrera – star of the hit series Ugly Betty—has more in common with Betty Suarez than you’d think! With the upcoming release of Season 3 to DVD and a Golden Globe and other awards under her belt, Ferrera talks to us about the show, her image, and her low-key celebrity lifestyle.

How has the show improved following the [show’s] move to New York?
The move to New York has been great for our show. It injected it with a burst of energy that I hope gives the show more longevity. There is only so much you can do when you are shooting on the same sets and in the same environment in Los Angeles – but it’s like a whole new world has opened up since we moved to New York.

America as character Betty

America as character Betty

What happens to Betty this season?
The moment we get to New York, Betty finds an apartment in Manhattan. You get to see Betty walking down the street in Manhattan and going into her cute little apartment that no one who has Betty’s job could ever afford – but this is television and we do things like that.

Is there a different feel to the show in season three?
I think that shooting in the exteriors of New York has really grounded the show. It forced the show to find a more grounded balance because it’s hard to do a more cartoony, soap opera-style role when you’re in the midst of such a real world.

We never see pictures of you falling out of nightclubs… How do you keep so grounded?
I don’t know. To be honest, I feel like I’m working all the time. I’m busy, so there is no time for all that other stuff. I also think that I love what I do. I am lucky enough to know how special my situation is and I don’t want to sabotage it. When I get asked, “How do you unwind?” Or “How do you relax?” I love what I do, so I don’t necessarily look for ways to get away from it. I need days to myself to spend with my friends and my family and people that I love, but I really love my work, so I don’t need to get away from it all the time.#

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