Mimi Talks to Caroline Cox: Part 1

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Caroline Cox

Caroline Cox

How to be Adored by Caroline Cox is the modern girl’s guide to glamour. Packed full of handy style and make-up tips, we learn from Hollywood’s golden girls what it takes to be ‘adored’. We caught up with Caroline to ask her whose wardrobe she would steal and which celeb is her ultimate glamour girl.

We love ‘How to be Adored’ how did you first come up with the idea for this book?
I’ve been obsessed with glamour for years! As a writer of fashion history books I’ve amassed an archive of 20th century fashion and thought it would be fun to introduce a new generation of women to the glamourpusses of the past and make connections with their contemporary equivalents. Stars like Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe, Sophia Loren and Greta Garbo had their own beauty tips that are still incredibly relevant today. I truly believe that the lessons they can teach us are timeless.

Which combination of features do you think would make up the ultimate icon?
A great sense of style, good humour and charm, kindness to others and a fab haircut!! In the 1950s Peter Noble and Yvonne Saxon gave a formula for glamour and wrote it’s key ingredients were ‘one part personality, one part charm, another part sympathy and mix with a good complexion, a disciplined figure and a sunny disposition.’ I must confess that I’ve fallen down a bit on the figure but that’s fine dining for you!!!

Beyonce in Thierry Mugler

Beyonce in Thierry Mugler

Whose wardrobe would you steal then and now?
Kim Novak then, Beyonce now but only the Thierry Mugler stage costumes. I would have loved Debbie Harry’s Stephen Sprouse outfits from the early 80s and Jayne Mansfield’s evening wear from ‘The Girl Can’t Help It.’

Describe your own personal style?
Peroxide blonde mid length hair usually worn in an up-do, black eyeliner, red lipstick – I’m addicted to leopard print but try not to overdo it and like a pair of 40s-esque wedge heels. I wear black a lot but accessorise with a really bright patent bag.

Where do you like to shop?
Thrift stores, Selfridges, Liberty, Fenwicks, the London Frock Exhange but Ebay is my downfall.

What make up tips do you regularly follow yourself?
Marlene Dietrich said that a woman should never put mascara on her lower lashes as it casts a shadow under the eye. This really works – it makes your eyes look loads bigger. Joan Crawford has a great step by step for perfect lips which is in my book. Harry Meret who was make-up director at RKO in the 50s said blondes should never wear rouge, the glow should come from proper skincare – I think that’s great good sense. Bette Davis said that even when she was home alone she always wore her lipstick and I follow that to the letter as I work from home so much – you just feel more professional with a slash of red on your lips when taking a conference call – even if you may still be in your jammies!

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