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BATD ON Feb 23, 2010 AT 5:00 pm

Dita Von Teese

Queen of Burlesque and a pioneer of 1950’s glamour, Dita Von Teese has become a fashion icon. Never seen without her trademark red lipstick in place, we caught up with Dita to ask her where she finds her inspiration and all things beauty- especially what red lipstick she loves!

Can you take us through your beauty routine before a show?
I always have a private space, with nice music, adequate lighting for makeup, and I get comfortable in my robe and play some music I like, and maybe have a cocktail. I start with setting my hair in hot rollers, and as they cool I do my face makeup, and lastly, full body makeup, which is waterproof and a nightmare to scrub off at the end of the night!

What is the most fun part of the process?
The “alone time” of putting on all that stage makeup and the process of transforming into a showgirl, and of course the excitement and nervousness of getting onstage to perform!

Dita on stage

What do you like to listen to when you are getting ready?
I usually listen to my show music for a while to instill it in my brain while I read over my show notes that I keep in a notebook… but then it’s time to let it all go, and switch  the music to something that’s the complete opposite, like electro or rap! I like to listen to ridiculous music completely unrelated to my show, it makes me laugh and puts me in the right mood for a show. This drives some people to madness, and I remember once that another burlesque performer that wanted to listen to all retro tunes was begging to get away from earshot of my dressing room. But it’s my way. Listen, I love retro music when I’m baking cookies or having a tea party, but when I need to get  the energy going for my performance, I’m all about some Wham!,  hip hop, Michael Jackson…. anything I can laugh at and sing loudly to! It’s my way, and it works for me!

Do you have any recent discoveries you are using for inspiration?
I always have ideas for new shows, it’s just a matter of actually going through with the process of creating it, and that takes a lot of time, money and energy, so I only make one or two acts a year. But I get ideas from books I read, films I see, and just fantasies I have about striptease acts that have never been done before, and reinventions of old classics.  Most recently I made a Chinese-themed show, so I had a a lot of fun with that. Now I’m bringing back my cowgirl number, and so I’ve been getting into bringing country-western line dancing and burlesque together!  

Dita's DVD Crazy Horse

Who would be in your dream audience?
All of my fans from all over the world in one place, for the ultimate show.   

What have you got your sights on for your summer wardrobe?
I usually wear pretty 1950′s summer dresses, I don’t do a lot of shopping for summer clothes… I prefer winter dressing! In the spring and summer, I buy shoes and lingerie!  

Any new beauty discoveries?
I collect vintage lipstick tubes and then I freeze my favorite lipsticks, then transfer them to these fancy vintage cases I find. I hate boring, unglamorous makeup packaging, especially for things like powder and lipstick that need to be touched up when you’re out in public, so I look for good packaging and also buy vintage things and use them with new products inside.

What colour are you wearing on your nails?
MAC Rougemarie is my usual color, always matching toes and fingernails! 

Red lipsticks are a key trend this season – what is your favourite red?
MAC Russian Red  and Ruby Woo are really the last great matte reds. For some reason, matte lipsticks seem to be becoming extinct, even though it’s the most chic red to wear! I also like Guerlain’s Excess De Rouge, it’s the perfect blue-red and comes in a beautiful tube. 

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