Mimi’s Book Club : The Art of Social War

Mimi ON Dec 03, 2008 AT 12:13 pm

If Oprah can have book club then so can Mimi. I’ve got a brand new bag and it’s filled with some fun and feisty books.  Want to find out what’s been keeping my brain stimulated this past month? Then keep on reading!

The Art of Social War
The first book on my list is the recent release of Jodi Wing’s debut novel, “The Art of the Social War”. This hilarious tale chronicles the life of Stacey Knight, a high-powered New Yorker who seems to have it all. With a fabulous job in advertising, friends in all the right places, and the man of her dreams, all is good in Stacey’s hood. That was true until her fiancé’s company relocates him to Los Angeles, causing Stacey to enter the land of bimbos and fake boobs.

While LA may have year round sunshine, Stacy isn’t getting a warm welcome from her peers. To help deal with her culture shock she turns to the 2, 500 year old military strategist Sun Tzu’s “ The Art of War” and learns how to survive with the Hollywood socialites.

The book does a great job in capturing the disparities between the fashion savvy of NY and LA. (Think Real Housewives of New York, the stunning women with careers Vs. Real Housewives of Orange County, the fake tanned trophy wives) “The Art of the Social War” is an entertaining portrayal of what happens when these two worlds collide….

Sassy, outspoken women can relate while the meek and tame will be inspired. Afun read for all!!

The Art of Social War

The Art of Social War

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