Mimi’s Book Club: Thirteen Reasons Why

Mimi ON Nov 11, 2008 AT 2:26 pm

High school – love it, hate it or just endure it! Teens receive a lot of stick about their general behaviour but adolescent life has never been easy, especially in today’s society. Rumors and reputations often run rife in school, and it can all become too much to handle when there are already so many other fundamental issues to deal with, like sexual identity and development, romance, ethical pressures, and peer pressure – that’s just mentioning a few! Sometimes, it can all add up to a pretty traumatic experience and, the sad reality is, that some girls (and guys) buckle under all that physiological pressure and end up taking their own life.

Jay Asher’s debut novel, Thirteen Reasons Why, relates well to these contemporary pressures and it will tug at your heartstrings. The story is of Hannah, a girl who takes her own life, and is told in dual narratives, through Hannah herself and her classmate, and admirer, Clay. Hannah leaves a bunch of tapes on which she’s recorded her reasons why she chose to commit suicide. Some of those tapes can be heard here http://tinyurl.com/hannahbaker. The story is both intricate and compelling and reminds us that there’s always so much more to a person that just what’s on the surface.

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