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Mimi ON Feb 09, 2009 AT 3:57 pm

Red Carpet Suicide, a Survival to Keeping up with the Hiltons

Red Carpet Suicide, a Survival to Keeping up with the Hiltons

“Red Carpet Suicide, a Survival to Keeping up with the Hiltons” By Perez Hilton

Few books are able to pull off a “how to guide” on keeping up with the destructive world of Hollywood. But that brutality can only be done by the one and only celebrity blogger, Perez Hilton, (aka Mario Lavandeira). In his new book “Red Carpet Suicide, a Survival to keeping up with the Hiltons” Perez brings his valiant voice to digest the crazy world of celebrity.

If you’re anything like me, your morning routine consists of checking in on Mimi’s Global Gossip and then popping over to Perez’s site to read what viciousness he has for the day. Let’s face it we live in world where celebrities run the show, they set trends, decide our fashion, our friends and even our lingo! ” Red Carpet Suicide” is over 200 pages of how to be a Hilton, which  basically  means becoming famous for nothing, or how to bank on your fame from scandal. He references how Jude Law’s infidelity was the best thing to happen to Sienna Miller’s career.  According to Perez, ” a Hilton is someone who is skinny, notorious, mischievous, hot, loves to party, dates, a lot, acts gorgeous, drives drunk, poses seductively for the camera, rarely works, dates some more, and doesn’t eat”.

His book details the process of how to attain this so-called elite status of being “famous“. The humorous chapters are broken down into sections like “Be a skinny Bitch” or “Put the ‘Ho’ in Hollywood“. Like his website, Perez is a crusader when it comes to speaking the truth, and his strong opinions make this book widely entertaining.

Right away this book draws in readers in with a dedication to Britney Spears, and a forward by Andy Warhol, how can you not want to keep on reading?  “Red Carpet Suicide” is honest and fun and puts a great perspective on the celebrity obsessed world we live in. If you’re a fan of his site you’ll love this book, I highly recommend it!

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