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BATD ON Feb 12, 2010 AT 2:38 pm

A Single Man

A Single Man

Our movie pick this week has to be  ‘A Single Man’ Tom Ford’s debut film does not disappoint with an award worthy performance from Colin Firth not to mention the amazing wardrobe. While ‘The Time Traveler’s Wife’ and ‘The Ugly Truth’ may not have dragged you to the cinema first time around, these two DVDs have ‘cosy night in’ written all over them.


A Single Man
Set in the US in 1962, Firth plays English college professor George Falconer, a man struggling to come to terms with the death of his long term lover Jim (Matthew Goode). Distracted momentarily by old friend Charley (Julianne Moore) and curious student Kenny (Nicholas Hoult), he cannot ignore the profound sense of loss he feels and so resolves to do something about it. Firth and Julianne Moore both put in superb performances, with the set designer from MadMen and Tom Ford wardrobe, it’s very easy on the eye too.

Win a copy of The Ugly Truth on DVD

Win a copy of The Ugly Truth on DVD

For more read our exclusive interview with Colin Firth.


The Time Traveler’s Wife
Based on the novel, Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana take the lead in this film which proves love transcends time. Henry is a time traveler – which causes him to live his life on a shifting timeline, skipping back and forth to certain periods of his life, yet he has no control over where he goes and when he leaves. Henry meets and falls in love with Clare who desperately tries to build a life with her one true love. You might want a large slab of Galaxy and a box of tissues by your side for this one. Click here to buy it now.

The Ugly Truth
Miss rom-com herself, Katherine Heigl stars as Abby Richter, a romantically-challenged morning show producer who squares off against a chauvinistic news correspondent, Mike Chadway (Butler), with funny results! Classic rom-com material for a night in with your friends and a large bag of popcorn.

Why buy when you can win your very own copy? Click here to enter out competition here.

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