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BATD ON Apr 09, 2010 AT 5:06 pm

Shelter 2010

This weekend’s movies are either scary or full of girl power!

The first is Shelter.

A thriller starring Julianne Moore as a forensic psychiatrist, wearing no make-up but still looking good, who states that she is ‘a doctor of science but a women of God’. She learns that one of her patients, played by Jonathon Rhys Meyers, is claiming to have multiple personality disorder, a disorder that she’s spend her entire career disproving. 

Meyers’ character is preaching that the Devil is on his way and as the plot thickens, it turns out her Christian beliefs lead her to believe that her patient’s mind may be occupied by the souls of actual murdered victims.

A good horror flick, if you don’t mind getting a little scared, and we quite enjoyed Rhys Meyers efforts which is unusual!

Whip It

The second on my list is Whip It. The directorial debut of Drew Barrymore starring Ellen Page (Juno) as a lost teenage girl who finds her calling as part of a roller derby team. With a cast full of independent, strong women, this film promises to be full of girl power, as well as Barrymore’s wit.

Plus we love it for the sole reason that Ellen Page is in it, I fear I may have a secret girl crush on the Juno star! Worth it if you want some light-hearted humour this weekend.

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