Mimi’s Pick of the Flicks – 23.6.11

Mimi ON Jun 23, 2011 AT 3:35 pm

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids

Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig in Bridesmaids

We’ve got a whole host of films we think you’ll love this week! Check out our recommendations below:


Touted as the female version of the Hangover, this film doesn’t quite do justice to the hype but is, nevertheless, very funny and worth a watch.

Single thirty-something Annie, is initially thrilled to be picked as maid of honour for her best friend Lillian’s wedding. However, already overwhelmed by her responsibilities, the inexperienced Annie must also face up to Lillian’s snobby friends who attempt to take over her duties. Annie resolves not to be beaten by these bridesmaids from hell and is determined to give her best friend the wedding of her dreams. The film follows the sacrifices that she is prepared to make to allow this dream to happen.

Cameron Diaz in 'Bad Teacher'

Bad Teacher

This new comedy starring Cameron Diaz, Jason Segel, and Justin Timberlake is hilarious and, unexpectedly, I actually found it better than Bridesmaids. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that JT appears to be the perfectly nerdy-yet-adorable teacher we all wish we had in primary school.

Diaz plays a rebellious, foul-mouthed teacher who is on a constant mission to find a sugar daddy to take care of her.  When JT arrives as the newest substitute teacher (and the son of a wealthy watch-making family), a heated competition for his heart begins between Diaz and the school’s most beloved teacher (played by Lucy Punch.)  Diaz pulls out all the stops, including a sexy car wash and personal boob job fund.  The addition of Phyllis Smith as her sidekick is just the cherry on top of the cake for this laugh-out-loud new film!

Watch the trailer here.

Green Lantern

Ryan Reynolds & Blake Lively in 'The Green Lantern'

Boasting an impressive cast that includes Ryan Reynolds, Peter Saarsgard, and Blake Lively, Green Lantern is the story of Hal Jordan (played by Reynolds), a pilot who discovers an alien ship on earth.  The dying alien he encounters chooses him to protect their sector of the universe, a job that is only reserved for the most courageous.  In order to have his great powers, he must wear a Green Lantern ring, but must have the willpower to activate it.  It may be another comic book movie, but we personally think this one looks highly entertaining!

Watch the trailer here.

The Beaver

Mel Gibson in 'The Beaver'

The Beaver is a heartfelt film about Walter Black (Mel Gibson), a depressed husband who falls into a state of inescapable depression. His wife (played by Jodie Foster) leaves him, his kids don’t want to be around him, and he’s nearly lost all hope.  He can’t seem to find the fun-loving family man he used to be – until, that is, he begins a new “prescription.”

He finds a beaver hand puppet that he begins using as his new voice – a psychological device meant to distance himself from the negative aspects of his personality.  By speaking through the beaver, he suddenly regains the happy, unencumbered state of mind he once so enjoyed.

The cast make this film worth watching, with great performances from Gibson, Jennifer Lawrence and Anton Yelchov, even if the storyline is slightly unbelievable…

Watch the trailer here.


Catherine Denevue in 'Potiche'

Based on the 1970s hit comedy play, Potiche follows the story of Suzanne Pujol (played by Catherine Denevue), a passive trophy wife (or “potiche”).  Constantly put down by her chauvinist husband, Suzanne is determined to break out of her housebound, opinion-free life.  The perfect opportunity arises when her husband has a debilitating heart attack – at the same time as his umbrella factory goes on strike.  Someone needs to fill in for him, and Suzanne takes the position (despite the many doubts of others, including her daughter).  Suzanne heightens the success of the company while setting a major example for other French housewives (and women everywhere).  This movie is spoken in French but dubbed in English, and is completely worth seeing despite subtitles. It has an amazing story with a stunning performance by Denevue, and the retro costumes, music, and cinematography make you feel as if you’re going back in time to the 70s!

Watch the trailer here.

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