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Mimi ON Jun 17, 2010 AT 11:34 am

Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall in Please Give

Amanda Peet and Rebecca Hall in Please Give

Please Give

New to cinemas this week is Nicole Holofcener’s film Please Give. Due to its likeable characters, realistic look at modern life and excellent writing, we can’t recommend this endearing dramedy enough!
Please Give is the story of Kate (Catherine Keener) and Alex (Oliver Platt), a New York City couple who own a modern furniture store. All of the furniture in their store is at estate sales and then sold at an inflated prices. They have one difficult teenage daughter (Sarah Steele) who is self conscious about her looks and thinks her life will be complete once she purchases a pair of designer jeans. Additionally, Kate and her husband recently purchased the apartment next door belonging to a cranky, infirmed 90 year-old woman named Andra (Ann Morgan Guilbert). The family plans to expand their apartment once Andra dies. In the midst of waiting for her health to deteriorate, the family faces conflicts with Andra’s granddaughters, the narcissistic Mary (Amanda Peet) and the good-hearted Rebecca (Rebecca Hall). Kate is conflicted about the profits from her business, and surrounded by the poverty and homelessness, she begins to feel guilty about her comfortable life.

Please Give has received rave reviews and comparisons to Woody Allen films due to its sharp, witty writing and spot-on acting. We especially liked Amanda Peet’s hilarious performance as a sarcasm spewing, tanning addict. But all of the characters were quite engaging and likeable; when the credits rolled we were sad to say goodbye to them!

Please Give opens on 18th June.

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