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Mimi ON Feb 06, 2009 AT 1:41 pm

Mistress, Mistress“I want to put on a body stocking, wear a rubber dog mask and dance in front of you with this strobe light I brought from home, while you laugh at me for being such a loser. If you like you can interrupt my dancing to slap me. Does that seem weird Mistress?”

These are the moments in my line of work where any acting skills I have acquired really come in handy.

But I like weird. The weirder the fetish the better I always say. The human circus has always fascinated me and discovering what makes others tick is one of my favourite activities. It used to be that if you had a fetish people thought you had a mental disorder. Psychotherapy was often sought out to cure the fetishist. I am sure there are still people lying on couches right this second paying some analyst hundreds of dollars to feel like a freak because they have a thing for feet. I think that is unfortunate. Wouldn’t it be much more fun to see me and embrace that fetish? Jump head first into a hot bath full of freak and realise no one has to suffer because of an unusual preference which just happens to lead to an orgasm?  There are several schools of thought about the origin of a person’s fetish. Some people don’t have any, while others have many. From my experience and from talking to countless clients about it over the years I believe it’s usually a result of an association from childhood, whether it’s recalled or not. But however it starts it is nonetheless specific, like a fingerprint, for each person.


Mistress Mistress, tell us about the weirdest fetish you’ve ever had!” the curious exclaim.

 This is a question I am asked all the time. Considering I’m probably slightly immune to the odd it’s not always an easy question to answer. I can say that the foot fetish by far is the most common. There are those that love pretty feet, little feet, big feet, stinky feet, high arches, longer second toes, long toe nails, sweaty feet, or painted toe nails (to name just a few preferences). There are fetishes for uniforms, leather, latex, high heels, stockings, pantyhose, gloves, fingernails, strong calf muscles, corsets, feathers, foods or body odour. Variations of these are typical requests.

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