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Mimi ON Apr 06, 2009 AT 9:24 am

Mistress, MistressThe Dungeon Pain Relief Centre or The Ultimate Oxymoron

I get very excited when I find new and practical uses for S&M. There have been numerous skills I have acquired over the years that have come in beautifully handy into my ‘normal life’. For instance learning how to read a person’s body language, not being intimidated to control a situation, and let’s not forget knowing how to tie a load of junk to a truck. It has confused but still impressed the men in my family.

“I don’t remember you ever being a boy scout.” My father once said.

Oops, perhaps I should have stayed away from the fancy knots!

Recently I came to the conclusion that BDSM is fantastic for a healthy back. The Dungeon is packed full of the perfect equipment for someone with an ailing lower back. It’s a candle lit chiropractic boudoir. Hurrah!

Not too long ago poor ol’ weary Mistress Mistress injured her back. A stiletto accent you ask? Well no. But by all means conjure up the sexy image of Mistress Mistress doing an Aeon Flux back flip off a thirty story building.. landing just shy of the perfect ten dismount.

Back to my important discovery: Dungeon physical therapy!Mistress Mistress

I have become acutely aware of what’s good for the lower back – exercise, good posture, and the aid of pain relieving tools. These therapies can be very expensive in the medical world, but in MY world I get paid.

Here are some of my back treatments:

-Suspension- inversion boots and tables can cost hundreds of dollars, but in my dungeon some ankle cuffs and a sturdy winch hoist me upside down for a little spine decompression. Heavenly.

-The Rack isn’t just for medieval role-play anymore. Instant relief by stretching out the vertebrae one crank at a time.

-Corsets- Yes looking deliciously curvaceous is a plus but corsets are for maintaining a straight back. The support is so magnificent I just might start sleeping in them!

- Electrical stimulation- I almost forgot what a TENS unit and Violet Wand were for, other than male genital assault.

-Foot worship & massage- clients are lined up to perform deep tissue foot massages and back rubs. Muscles and tension relax back into a healthy place.

It’s rather unusual but fantastic to work AND receive physical therapy at the same time. I’m hard pressed to think of any other job that can deliver such a perk.

Yours suspended,

Mistress Mistress

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