Mistress, Mistress

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Mistress, Mistress

Mistress, Mistress

He came into the dungeon wearing a hat and dark glasses. I really don’t think anyone was paying attention but I’ve never been famous so the paranoia has skipped over me. I remember watching him on a 70′s TV show when I was a kid. He was as huge in person as he was on TV. Usually these actors are tiny, but not this one.

We agreed on a scenario and I collected my tools of torture. A pinwheel, some floggers, cuffs, candles, and nipple clamps. He wanted it rough and I was in the mood to dole it out. I was also delighted to find out he wanted humiliation (my favorite!). Had I some reruns of his show I easily could have humiliated him without saying a word, but who could be prepared for such random events.

Mistress Mistress

Mistress Mistress

I administered some pain which he took, but with a good amount of whining. What he really wanted was to be laughed at, belittled and treated not like a star. I invited some of my young submissive girls in for a visit. They were far too young to remember this guy’s TV show and I wanted him to feel like a has-been. Sure enough these 20 year old girls had no idea who this actor was, nor had they heard of his once popular television show. I then went on to taunt him about guest appearances on Fantasy Island and the Love Boat, saying both shows are where TV has -beens go to die. I asked if he prayed to Mr. Roarke at night for a come back. The girls again had no idea what I was referring to but the actor knew I was giving him a good razzing. I almost saw a smile crack on his face but beat him to it with a swift slap across his cheek.

After our session was over the actor put on his new balance tennis shoes while sitting on the end of the spanking horse. He looked up at me and smiled.

Mistress, MistressYa know, no one ever says those things to me. It’s amazing how many people are afraid to tell you the truth about your career. But even though it’s been a tape I’ve replayed in my head for years now it feels good to have someone actually verbalize it. It’s like the elephant in the room.”

I walked over to him and patted him on the back.

“So now go change it. You’ve got the resources and the talent. Everyone loves a big fat comeback.”

He winked at me and said he might do just that.

Humiliation is a funny part of S&M. It’s so hard to wrap your head around why someone would want to be kicked down emotionally/verbally. I never really understood it when I first got into the scene but realized after time how I think it works. I do my best to find their fears and weaknesses, knock them down, break them down which gives them the strength to pick themselves back up. It’s a different kind of release in this strange pseudo sexual world. A whole different kind of beating that once the person is emotionally spent, there’s only one direction to go in. Up. The clients that ask for this kind of play know this and want to have their ego’s knocked around. Sometimes they are so successful but feel undeserving of it, or other times need to feel as low as they can so they can reset themselves and move forward. I am sure it’s a different process for each person but fascinating to me nonetheless.

I was inspired to share this story because that same actor has now made a come back. I recently saw him in a movie and couldn’t stop smiling thinking about our time together. I don’t know if our session had anything to do with his success but I like to think so!

Hugs N Slaps
Mistress Mistress

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