Mistress Mistress Part 1

Mimi ON Mar 09, 2009 AT 9:34 pm

Mistress Mistress

Mistress Mistress

This week I get to do one of my favorite things. A double session with another Mistress. Whenever a client requests another Mistress to join us I am overwhelmed with delight over the hideous mischief that’s about to transpire. Over the years I have cultivated a roster of wickedly deviant beauties whom I can call upon anytime for double sessions. Ask a Dominatrix to bring in one of her colleagues and watch her pupils dilate and her heart rate increase, as if in love. My personal reason for enjoying a double session is because I get to do something I enjoy with someone  I  adore. How much better could a job get?

Slave Larry (name changed to protect his innocence), called and wants to do a two hour session. Whoopee! He lives to be humiliated. I live to humiliate. He asked me to bring one of my Domme friends so he could get double the abuse. I phoned my longtime friend  co -worker, and Larry’s favorite other femme fatale,  Mistress P.

Mistress Mistress

Mistress Mistress

” So P, guess who wants to see us both?” I said.

“Pig Man? Spam Sidney? Florida Jake? Big Wheel Mick, Chad the Hillbilly?” She went through name after name.  Finally, I had to tell her.

“It’s Larry.”

“Hairy Larry? Or Indian casino Larry?”  She asked. Clearly we have seen a lot of clients together.

“Indian casino Larry.”

“Oh fantastic! I’m bringing the cat piss water balloons!” She exclaimed.

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