Mistress, Mistress : Part 1

Mimi ON Jun 22, 2009 AT 2:26 pm

Mistress Mistress

Mistress Mistress


I walked into the room and in the middle of the floor my client was on all fours howling like a dog. It was one of those days. With coffee in hand I reached down and tugged on the leash he had already attached to himself.

Come on puppy, time for your walk.”

The marketing executive scurried obediently to my side as I paraded him around the dungeon for public humiliation.  The other girls all laughed at the dog’s tricks. He sat, he rolled over, played dead, shook, and fetched. The pièce de résistance was when I cracked a can of Alpo and dumped it on the floor. The dog lunged at the smelly wet food and lapped it up with his mouth, shaking his butt back n forth as if he was wagging some imaginary tail. Watching him lick the floor sent a chill up my spine. I knew very well what’s gone down on that dungeon floor. 

Humiliation time was over and we walked as Master and dog back to the room we started in. I began some more training exercises and threw milk bones down his throat. With each task his doghood became more and more erect. I grabbed him by the back of the hair and forced him to look at himself in the mirror.

“Bark louder!” I commanded. 

He did. He was barking and screaming with such vigour the cage in the room was rattling. The dog relieved himself into his dog bowl and immediately transformed back into Mark the executive.

“Thanks Mistress.” he casually said as he started to get dressed. I sterilized the equipment and watched Mark adjust his red tie.

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