Mistress Mistress Part 2

Mimi ON Mar 09, 2009 AT 2:46 pm

Mistress MistressLarry loved to see the two of us together because aside from the game we played with Larry (the humiliation game), Mistress P and I played a separate game with each other. You see, Larry wanted to be humiliated in the grossest ways possible. He would eat canned cat food off an old house shingle, endure sticky Easter Peeps smashed into his thinning hair, drink toilet water flavored with ash tray refuse or anything else vile. Mistress P and I would go to great lengths to out-do one another in our quest to humiliate Larry. It was our goal to entertain each other by trying to make the other throw up. We have to get very creative at this point in our jaded careers. But at times we laughed so hardĀ  we couldn’t even fling insults at Larry. I’d steady myself against a spanking horse in seven inch platforms to keep from falling over. Tears streamed down our cheeks as we competed to freak the other out. Larry relished in our whimsy at his expense. His pathetic face riddled with despair concerning his own stooping standards was something to behold. Personally I couldn’t get enough of it. Humiliation by far is my favorite S&M activity.

I hate to admit it, but Mistress P almost always wins. She usually pulls a stunt that causes me to uncontrollably gag. Have you ever tried to hold back vomit while laughing? You know that laugh which stops creating sound? The “I can’t breathe anymore laugh”. It’s a rare and odd sensation but when your sides hurt the next morning you know you’re livin’. Mistress, Mistress

I’m going to have to really get creative if I am going to bring Mistress P to dry heaves. Some ideas I have been mulling over:

-Drenching Larry in honey and breaking a red art farm over his head
-Used baby diaper space helmet
-Old flower water martini with dirt clod garnish
-Homeless man’s breath captured in small baggies popped in Larry’s face
I suppose there are those out there reading this right now that are shocked. How could Mistress Mistress get so much pleasureĀ  doing horrible things to this poor Larry gentleman? Clearly he is a deeply troubled man! Well allow me to let you in on a little secret. I’m Mistress Mistress. A Dominatrix. A sadist. The fetishist with a smile.

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