Mistress, Mistress: Part 2

Mimi ON Jun 22, 2009 AT 2:33 pm

Mistress, Mistress

Mistress, Mistress

I always found it amazing how someone could be so immersed into a scene and then turn it off on a dime. Not many clients did that as most needed some time to “come down” so to speak from sub space. But occasionally there were those clients that would be in one place emotionally and then BOOM when time was up they changed into their everyday persona. It is usually those clients that are busy businessmen, always on the go, no time for anything and constantly attached to their Blackberries. I often ponder if it’s the inability to linger in any sort of state of leisure or activity because they have to be off and running in a new direction doing oh so important things. Sometimes I think they feel embarrassment about what they do with me which jolts them into a nervous state hence causing them to flee the scene. I find it amusing, yet puzzling.

Tales from a dominatrix

Tales from a dominatrix

Mark handed me a nice tip and winked at me.

” See you next Thursday.” he said and did a quick idiot check around the room.

Be a good dog.” I said and patted him on the head as he walked out the door. The sadist in me liked to liked to give him one last emotional squirm before he exited the dungeon. Humiliation is a funny fetish. It’s by far one of my favourites to administer but certainly the most complex to understand for most. Humiliation is never a simple desire to comprehend but is by far one of the most common requests by men in power. Watching a judge sing “I’m a little teapot” while wearing a diaper with balloons taped to his head has probably been my greatest moment to date in the humiliation department. For me personally it’s the ultimate for creativity and entertainment. 

Whether it’s a dog or a man being dressed up like one of the Lollipop kids I get just as much pleasure out of the scenario as the clientI thank the powers that be everyday for perversion.

Slaps n Kisses

Mistress Mistress

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