Mistress Mistress: Part 2

Mimi ON Jan 22, 2009 AT 3:23 pm

Discretion is my business.

At the adjacent table the diva was sulking in her seat, talking loudly on her Swarovski crystal cell phone and obviously painfully reenacting whatever culinary calamity she was forced to endure. There are women like these divas in my line of work, but over time I have watched them burn out, burn bridges, and of course never find satisfaction in anything long-term.

I love being a pro dominatrix. It’s an alter ego that has allowed me to come out of my shell in the saftey of being another character. It’s hard to explain perhaps, but growing up shy, being a people- pleaser and often not speaking up as a kid can cause a lot of problems not only at the time but during the transition to adulthood. The positive affect I have on my clients emotionally is many times not one -sided. I too benefit in ways other than a fatter bank account.

I get a deep and true understanding of what men really are thinking. They have no reason to lie to me; I’m not their wife, girlfriend, mother or shrink. I’m the one they talk to and unload all their dirty secrets upon. These aren’t freaks or perverts or creeps you avoid eye contact with at the bar. These are YOUR mates, your accountants, your lawyers, doctors, friends, and dates. These men are attractive, intelligent and sought after. So why do they tell me everything? Because they can and know it’s safe. These admissions of truth have given me the opportunity to look at my own life and how I act and react in my own situations.

The diva was still ranting on her cell phone as our waiter brought us our meal. He glanced in her direction with a look of annoyance and distain as he gracefully layed the plate in front of me . Jesse winked at me and whispered, “The squash is much better than the beans anyways. I wouldn’t have substituted for her though. What a B-I-T-C-H.”

Slave Cliff looked over at the diva, shook his head and smiled at me. “It’s a refined talent you have Mistress. I wish more women realised just how much power they really possess.”

I prefer to rule my world through elegance and dignity. It is so much more effective and pleasing.”

“You’re Obama instead of Bush.” Cliff stated matter of factly.

” Interesting comparison. Perhaps if you swap diva for sociopath, then yes that exemplifies my point perfectly.”

I raised my glass of water and initiated a toast with Cliff.

“May this year bring Hope and Change for the Divas.”

Slaps n Kisses,
Mistress Mistress

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