Diary of a Dominatrix, Mistress Mistress

Mimi ON Aug 09, 2012 AT 11:00 am

Love it or hate it, there’s no doubt that 50 Shades of Grey has made some serious waves in the literary world. If you’ve found yourself at the end of the trilogy, and craving just that little bit more, then make yourself comfortable (or maybe not) as we introduce our new resident dominatrix columnist, Mistress Mistress.

My first real look at Chicago was from the window of the executive suite at The Drake Hotel.  I swirled my glass of Merlot before taking a sip as I watched the waves from Lake Michigan hit the sand. I needed a nap, but my weekend was just getting started. Behind me I heard the awkward strut of a pair of high heels walking across carpet. I turned around to see my client bowing to me, head down, with arms outstretched presenting me with an envelope. I took the envelope out of his hands and told him to return to his room and wait for me. Without a sound he stood up, straightened his skirt, and with all the sad grace he possessed left my magnificent suite to his smaller adjoining room. I noticed a run in his stocking as he made his quiet exit. We’d deal with that later.

Mistress Mistress

I kicked my stilettos off and climbed onto the bed. The red wax seal cracked as I opened the letter. Inside was exactly what I had expected, because it was exactly what I had requested. My client Nick had written me a letter expressing (in great detail) all the reasons he didn’t deserve the honor of my presence this weekend and all the ways in which he could try and earn it. Included in this letter was $5,000, cash and a voucher for a day at the Elizabeth Arden spa across the street. I looked around the gigantic suite, out the window at the lake, the 24 long stemmed red roses on the table and the cheese platter waiting for me by a really excellent bottle of wine. I laughed out loud.  In fact, I think I actually snorted with delight.

On the surface it seemed like ridiculously easy money, which is why I laughed, but really I knew better. I was going to earn this money, this room, that spa and whatever else seemed like an elaborate vacation. In case anyone was wondering I wasn’t going to earn it with sex; I was going to earn it with my mind. Sex would have been a lot easier, but it’s not what I do for money.  I’m a virtuoso when it comes to human nature, secrets, fetishes, insecurities, vulnerabilities, desires, fears and needs. In short, I am a professional Dominatrix. Being a Domme isn’t just about looking sexy and spanking men in pig masks (yes I’ve done that). You have to get into your client’s head. It’s imperative to take them to a place they need to go in order for them to feel a sense of psychological relief. And no matter how weird their fetish is all they want is to feel like they aren’t crazy or bizarre. I provide them with this comfort, in sometimes very uncomfortable ways. Imagine being a therapist, actress and skilled disciplinarian all rolled into one – Voila, Dominatrix!

Mistress Mistress

Sitting on the bed in a suite bigger than my actual apartment I had one of those ‘how the hell did I get here?” moments. Clearly everyone who asks that question to themselves genuinely knows the answer (head trauma excluded); yet when asked in a rhetorical manner there is always this imaginary bookmark that slips onto the page of reality for that specific moment in time.  I can’t remember what I did for more than half of my birthdays, or what I had for lunch yesterday but I remember my first kiss and the lavender Guess t-shirt I had on that day. I remember when my first pet died and the look on the vet’s face as he told me.  I also remember like it was yesterday the time I walked into an established house of S&M for a job, green as green could be. That was fifteen years ago. The experiences and emotional transformation I have cultivated in these last fifteen years has been prodigious to say the least. I imagine most “normal” people would assume choosing the path I chose would be a very dark and harmful choice overall. Ironically the “normal” people, by the way, are the majority of my clients.

Naturally, I have seen some very dark moments in this line of work, but also just as many, if not more wonderful moments. Lets face it the dark and light exists everywhere from McDonald’s to law firms, to daycare centres. The exception is everyone has a pretty good idea what happens at McDonalds but very few know what really goes on behind the locked doors of a dungeon. The moments I’ve had with society’s upper echelons have been fascinating, enlightening, hilarious, sad, disturbing, fun and occasionally downright wacko. Case in point, my client Nick, the brain surgeon visiting Chicago for a medical conference. Or is it the cross dressing sissy in need of strict slave training and discipline?  Today a taste is all you get, ah but the thrill of what’s to come is the addicting pleasure of what I do best.

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