Mix It Up

BATD ON Aug 03, 2009 AT 2:00 pm

What's your perfect mixed tape?

What's your perfect mixed tape?

Remember way back when the iPod was a figment of Apple’s imagination and the only way to listen to all your favourite songs was to make a mixtape? Well, this month we’re going to challenge your mixing skills, thanks to eHarmony.co.uk go online to perfectmixtape.co.uk and select all your top romantic tracks.

To make your ideal tape you need to pick your fav ten tracks, how about a little Barry White here and a touch of Mariah there? Once you think you’ve reached ‘mixtape’ nirvana, submit your entry and share the love with your friends. The tapes can be sent via Facebook or Twitter , and the highest rated entry will receive an iPod Touch.

To get mixing go online now and visit www.perfectmixtape.co.uk.

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