Music Video: Firework

Mimi ON Nov 02, 2010 AT 12:35 pm

Katy Perry Firework

Katy Perry's third single Firework

We’ve absolutely fallen in love with Katy Perry’s newest music video.  Firework is Katy’s third single off her Teenage Dream album and is one of the most moving tracks we’ve heard from the singer.

She says, “This song would probably be my favourite song on the record.”

The video was shot in Budapest, Hungary and the cast was made up entirely of “real” people—no actors were used.  The director wanted to convey the true meaning of the song, that everyone can be a firework.

We think he did a great job—Katy looks amazing and the video is pretty emotional… if not a little distracting with Fireworks bursting out of her chest…

Watch it below:

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